HoloLens Reviewer Score: ★★★★☆

Download this app from the Microsoft Store. Download size is 247 MB.

Editor’s Review
This was the first game Microsoft developed for the HoloLens; lots of active fun!  Watch bad guys break into your home and dodge and duck to avoid the burning missiles aiming for you.  What’s not to like?  Our only complaint is the lack of levels – only a few levels – as well as endless mode – so the fun is over too soon.  We also wish it would remember high scores to make it competitive when sharing the HoloLens with friends.

Publisher’s Description
Defend your home from a robot invasion in this mixed reality first-person shooter. A militaristic swarm of interstellar robots sweeps across the galaxy, silencing countless worlds along the way. Now they’ve come to Earth, and they’re hitting us where we feel safest—our homes. As these robot invaders break through your walls, move to avoid enemy fire and blast your foes using your gaze, gesture, and voice. Can you survive the attack?

Scoring Matrix

Criteria Notes Score
User Interface Very easy to use – just click on the bad guys
Graphics/3D Modeling Quality Nice graphics, great quality and sound  ★★★★★
Idea Execution Really demonstrates how a simple room can become an amazing interactive environment!  ★★★★★
Amount of Content Only a few levels – the action is over too soon.  ★☆☆☆☆
Wow Factor Seeing the big daddy come after you will blow you away!