HoloLens Reviewer Score: ★★★★★

Download this app from the Microsoft Store. Download size is 3.21 GB.

Editor’s Review
Yes, that’s right – a whopping 3 GB download!  But not only will you love this app, you’ll leave it installed and keep coming back to it.  Your stomach will drop as the floor falls out from under you, and you’ll get dizzy looking down from a hot air balloon.  What’s really amazing is the “live” action happening all around – people walking and chatting, rivers flowing, etc.

Think of the amazing tours school children will get to do in the future via this technology!

Tour the world – but only Machu Picchu at this point.  We sincerely hope Microsoft doesn’t abandon this app; it would be amazing if we could download many other world virtual tours as well.

Publisher’s Description
With HoloTour, you can explore the beauty and history of Rome or uncover the hidden secrets of Machu Picchu.

Effortlessly move and look around your real world to naturally interact with the elements of the tour. Immerse yourself with a unique combination of 360-degree video, spatial sound, and holographic scenery that creates a very real sense of presence: you’ll believe that you’re really there!

Melissa, your personal tour guide, will also be there every step of the way. Her expert insight and fun attitude always provides a fresh perspective on your surroundings, taking you to impossible heights or stepping back in time to give you a tour unlike any other.

Scoring Matrix

Criteria Notes Score
User Interface Naviation is unstructured – follow the guide’s lead, or explore on your own. ★★★★★
Graphics/3D Modeling Quality This isn’t 3D modeling – this is real surround video! ★★★★★
Idea Execution Amazing way to explore the world when you can’t be there in person. ★★★★★
Amount of Content Even though only two destinations exist, there is plenty to see. ★★★★★
Wow Factor Wow wow wow – get ready to spend a lot of time with this app. ★★★★★