HoloLens Reviewer Score: ★★★★★

Download this app from the Microsoft Store. Download size is 139 MB.

Editor’s Review
Another great app from Microsoft – Galaxy Explorer shows us the future of education. Explore the galaxy, zoom in to various points of interest, drill down into the Solar System, and learn about all the planets.  The classroom will soon never be the same.

Publisher’s Description
Transform your room into our galaxy and explore new worlds in the winning idea from the Share Your Idea community. You shared over 5,000 ideas with us, voted on your favorites, and we began work on Galaxy Explorer as a result. For six weeks, you followed our progress as we built this experience from the ground up. Now it’s our turn to share the code (and this experience) with you. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Scoring Matrix

Criteria Notes Score
User Interface Easy point and click, menu stays nearby but unobtrusive ★★★★★
Graphics/3D Modeling Quality Amazing modeling, especially all the millions of stars circling in the galaxy – this is top notch! ★★★★★
Idea Execution Fly through the galaxy in your living room, breathtaking execution. ★★★★★
Amount of Content Besides exploring the Solar system, learn about other cosmic wonders. ★★★★★
Wow Factor One of the “must” downloads for sure! ★★★★★