Download this app from the Microsoft Store. Download size is 36 MB.

Editor’s Review
Strictly speaking, this is not a HoloLens app, but it can be a valuable tool when multiple users share the HoloLens.  This app, installed on a PC or mobile device, can save the IPD (distance between eye pupils) as calibrated for the current HoloLens user.  This saved profile can then be quickly pushed back out to the HoloLens in the future when that particular user resumes using the device.  This will avoid the lengthy calibration process.

Caveat: we have shown the HoloLens to literally dozens of people, and we have never had to re-calibrate the HoloLens in between users, and they have never complained about any blurriness.  Your mileage may vary.

Since this is a not a HoloLens app, we are not including a scoring matrix below.

Publisher’s Description
Developed to support the use of a HoloLens in a multi-person environment, this app lets you store and select the interpupillary distance (IPD) of a user. Calibrate via the HoloLens device, then store using this app. The next time you put on the HoloLens, switch back to your profile so everything can stay in focus!