HoloLens App Reviews by Hologram Reviewer

We review the best (and worst!) Microsoft HoloLens apps to download in the Microsoft Store. Don't waste time downloading half-baked apps when we've done it for you.

Download these 12 HoloLens apps first.

Overwhelmed by the number of HoloLens apps available in the Microsoft App store?  Never fear – we’ve got you covered.  These apps are the best of the best, and will get you up to speed with the most useful content, as well as the most stunning use of the HoloLens technology.

And best of all, these apps are all free!

The first six apps we suggest are – not surprisingly – Microsoft apps – developed specifically for use on the HoloLens.  All are top-notch, and amazing!

  1. Skype – You can actually mark-up your friend’s room in 3D!
  2. Fragments – Classic “who-dun-it” lets you be the detective; terrifyingly real!
  3. RoboRaid – Watch evil aliens break into your home then blast them!
  4. Young Conker – Fun with a chipmunk that bounces around your home on missions.
  5. HoloTour – Explore Rome and Machu Picchu in “live” 3D – you might get dizzy!
  6. Galaxy Explorer – Explore the heavens and learn about our Solar System.
  7. HoloLens Helper – This app shows the IP address, battery life and other useful info
  8. Holo Measure – Brilliant way to accurately measure things around you.
  9. Land of Dinosaurs – Don’t get trampled by massive dinosaurs roaming the land!
  10. HoloQuarium – Setup an aquarium in your living room, and watch the fish swim.
  11. Insight Heart – Best user interface we’ve seen, educational, and gorgeous graphics!
  12. HoloFlight (beta) – Watch how aircraft controllers could one day visualize air traffic.

As a bonus recommendation, you’ll want to download the Microsoft HoloLens – Companion App onto your PC or tablet. You can stream and record HoloLens sessions, manage the device remotely, start and kill apps, etc.  Very useful!


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